Brand Value

Every brand has its own needs across its journey. There are brands that need to be launched, re-launched, transformed, refreshed, and sustained. We specialize in planning and executing brand campaigns during different stages of its lifecycle. 


Brand Set Up

Startups and smaller companies need setting up their brand kit. We offer our Brand Starter Pack which allows them to get to market faster. The pack consists of all that the brand needs to get started with conversations with stakeholders such as customers, investors, and employees. The THP Brand Starter Pack offers building the brand identity, brand manual, brand elements, and other touch points such as the website, SEO-ready content, brand templates, corporate PPT and brochure. We listen to the story and come up with the ideal branding for the company provisioning it for scale.


CEO Advisory

The CEO is the face of the company and executive profiling matters for the overall brand transformation and recall. With an experience of working with CEOs of companies with varied revenue size, our leadership engages with CEOs to build their brand profile. This includes advising on communication patterns, internal and external messaging, celebrity-style social profiling, and media management for the chief executive.


CX Journey Mapping

We understand the journey of your customer right from creating through all points of engagement and we create the right kind of experiences across different touch points during the journey. These experiences include brand and marketing programs, as well as creating the right kind of user experiences and user interfaces for your digital touchpoints. Our UX/UI team have the experience of working with the world’s largest product and software corporations and bring to you the best-in-class design thinking principles applied to your environments.
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EX Journey Mapping

Employees form a critical part of your brand building. Driven by our experience of managing employee engagements at scale, we have crafted services that are unique to employee delight through their journey with your organization. We help you internalize your brand linking your brand philosophy with your business objectives and connecting that with collective employee aspirations. Our experience of handling employee experiences has led us to design our IP-led platform suite MyConnect that lets you handle employee-related activities from interview to alumni. The platform offers a one-stop solution for all your needs as you select employees, onboard them, engage with them, appraise their performance, and as they move on, continue to have them as your brand voice being your alumni.
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Communications and social media

We understand your need to be different and relevant to different stakeholders. We help you with all your communications needs with unified brand message connected to the respective contexts of communicating. Our teams are adept in advising you with the tone, verbiage, and creative angles needed to communicate with your customers, investors, employees, and partners. Our internal communications including creatives and digital newsletters are laced with imagination, technology, and immersive factors.


PR & Media

Our PR and Media studio focuses on generating value-based coverage and impressions of your brand and its spokespeople across credible publications globally. We operate with a proven and differentiated model that delivers assured results in countries such as the US, UK, India, South Africa, Middle East, and ASEAN. As part of our PR engagements, we listen to your story and come up with the right message and media hooks as we represent you in the media world. We also help condition your spokespeople with the required media training as they interact with journalists and influencers. Our expertise extends to drafting press releases and disseminating them globally through our wire partner: PR Newswire. We also partner with Cision Communication Cloud bringing to you, impactful digital influencers, and global publications to voice your story.



Our connects and relationships with the analyst and advisory communities allow us to engage with them on your behalf to set up meaningful conversations that lend credibility to your brand and its offerings. We work with several leading analyst firms such as Gartner, Forester, Everest Group, etc. and recommend the best influencer strategy for your brand. We also engage with the technology ecosystem partners that help establish a win-win revenue influencing engine for your business.


M&A branding and communications

We realize the waves of consolidation and mergers in the business world. We have proven experience in advising brands both on the buy-side and the sell-side of M&A. We engage with you early on as you prepare for an M&A and work with you closely on messaging, packaging, and branding before, during, and after the transaction. We also facilitate the related statutory communication procedures timed to perfection. We specialize in communications, both internal and external while branding the merger and merging the brands.

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