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We help businesses make informed decisions based on market and customer insights to fulfill a wide array of business needs. We have worked with global technology brands in Understanding the trends and delivering insights to support and drive marketing initiatives, developing Thought Leadership and creating Research-driven brand content, communication, and digital campaigns.

Business Research Capabilities 

Our Research team provides services across research and writing value-added reports. The team offers in-depth company and industry analysis, Trends and Developments, Competitive Landscaping, Industry POV, Insights for developing content-driven campaigns and account-based marketing intelligence and Identification and constant apprising of company profiles and contacts on criteria-based prospect universe 

01. Customized Strategy Research

Specialty domain and functional research, Market Landscaping, In-depth report on industries and sectors.  

02. Sales Oriented Research

Detailed and customized company profiles, financial performance, product/services info.

03. Executive Research

Identifying and creating an Executive Intelligence report incorporating insights in reference to the individual to create personalized messaging.

04. Marketing Support Research

Identification of Trends, Challenges, Pain points in segments of interest to develop Messaging and enhance the Marketing outreach, development of intelligence for ABM and content-driven campaigns.

05. Curated Reports

Literature Search, Business Intelligence, Identification and research on upcoming topics.

06. M&A Research

Market Landscape studies for Target Identification and Analysis, Creation of Account Profiles based on the criteria discussed with the client, continuous monitoring and validation.

Research Methodology

Case studies

Helping a leading Data & analytics firm with their inorganic growth approach

Account Based Marketing Research request for a leading company 


By understanding and leveraging your company’s “growth model,” our highly qualified team of consultants and analysts frequently uncover emerging themes first to market. In order to assist you in identifying major patterns and trends, unlocking special market or industry insights, or uncovering unforeseen relationships that could present a threat or an opportunity, we analyze your findings and synthesize the findings into actionable market data. 
We are well equipped to develop a target list for you based on your specific criteria, to help you carry out a successful M&A transaction
THP supports your sales team by assisting with competitor research, product evaluation, target audience identification, and market positioning. With this knowledge, your team will be better able to position your business in the market, stay up with, and even get ahead of, rapidly changing market conditions, and more effectively meet sales goals. We deliver the most precise B2B sales intelligence and analytics to your CRM, enabling your reps to uncover more qualified prospects, identify those to connect with, traverse opportunities, interact with relevance, and win bigger, quicker, and more frequently.
Absolutely! One of our numerous core capabilities is the creation of a single source of truth through the collection of pertinent data from many business lines and geographical areas. By gathering, summarising, and disseminating content to your stakeholders, our team helps your business conduct quick desk research and exchange expertise. We also make sure you stay up to date on important subjects and trends by providing you with recent news about your competitors, the market, and the industry. We assist you narrow the scope of your information by automatically incorporating existing knowledge into research briefs, preventing repetition.
We provide in-depth market insights and quantitative market share data that also includes information on the market’s top performers. By doing so, you can evaluate how your company compares to its rivals and set objectives for the following stage of its growth trajectory.

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