About Us

We are living in exciting times. The way people interact with brands has changed; the way individuals and enterprises engage with each other has changed. We today live under economies where experience in the new currency.

Welcome to the new world.

Welcome to the new normal.

Welcome to The Higher Pitch.

We are an experience-driven brand and digital technologies company. We blend imagination with technology to differentiate your brands in the minds of your stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, analysts, media, and anyone who interacts with your brand.

We maintain a high academic quotient of professionals qualified in the areas of marketing, arts, design, gaming, analytics, information technology, psychology, and economics, among others.

With our deep understanding of Marketing and interventions of technology, we are in the business of building and transforming B2B brands; we create lasting experiences that translate into revenues, efficiencies, and brand loyalties.

We fetch higher returns.

The Vision

To accelerate Brand transformation and business Growth by integrating Marketing and Technology, intelligently.

The Values

By Attitude

Lateral Thinking
By Habit

Pushing Limits
By Practice

By Nature

By Choice

Founding Leadership

Prabhanjan Deshpande (PD)


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Nishant Mishra


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Himanshu Mishra

Director & Technology Head

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Prabhanjan Deshpande (PD)


Nishant Mishra


Senior Leadership

Anchal Swing

Head, Human Resources

Diwesh Rawat

Head, PMO and Company Secretary

Nithya Ramakrishnan

Head, Content and Communications

Bhumika Thakur

Lead, Creative & Design

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